1. Sungshin Vina ready-mixed concrete

Production capability

Batch plant

Lại Yên Factory

Hà Đông Factory

Capability (m3/h)








Total capability (m3/h)




Quality criteria



Compressive strength

100, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400

450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700.



120,140,160,150,180, 200


Slump flow (mm)



Time of set

Up to the works’ requirements.

Sungshin Vina’s reputation for high quality ready-mixed concrete is the fruit of hard work, contributed many factors, including :

The whole batch plant systems of Sungshin Vina are imported from Korea. This system is the technology approach elected by a 35 – year – experienced ready-mixed concrete producer in Korea – Sungshin Cement. The unified system guarantees capability to produce concrete of high compressive strength (up to 700) with stable quality during the whole project time.

Remarkable features of Sungshin Vina’s batch plant systems are :

+ Double-axle mixer system: The maximum capability of 3.5m3/batch (average capability of mixers in the market in Việt Nam: 0.7 – 1 m3/batch) ensures the high productivity and steady quality.

nha may

+ Water Chiller – Korean technology: assures that the temperature of concrete is kept at desired degree, regardless of the weather changes, which helps maintain the slump and minimize the risk of cracking for concrete of high volume

+ Automatic weighing system: works efficiently, ensures quantifying coarse aggregate   automatically, accurately to the designed specifications and requirements.

+ Controlling camera system: ensures the ability to control every process of batch plant operation, quickly capture and solve urgencies.

nha may2All of the input materials to produce ready-mixed concrete in Sungshin Vina (cement, sand, gravel, and admixture) are purchased from notable sources with high credit and stable supply. These materials must meet certain quality requirements of national standards of its kind, such as: TCVN 2682:200, TCVN 6260:2009, TCVN 7570:2006,

TCVN 4506:2012…

Mix proportion for concrete

Besides, for each construction project, Sungshin Vina can always make formulate mix proportion, make specimens, conduct tests at order to satisfy all the specific designated requirements. Basing on data of the popular types of ready-mixed concrete, Sungshin Vina has already designed, tested to compute appropriate mix proportions which can be used to produce ready-mixed concrete of high performance, guaranteed stability, and certified quality.

Production technology and Quality control

con nguoi

All of the production processes in Sungshin Vina strictly follow those of Sungshin cement who has been successfully producing ready-mixed concrete in Korea for 35 years.

Before delivered to worksites, ready-mixed concrete in each single mix truck will be tested by quality control team to make sure all the requirements by purchasers are satisfied.

Among key factors leadings to Sungshin Vina’s success, human aspect plays a very important role.  All the leaders and staffs in Sungshin Vina are people with high qualifications, experience in concrete, high responsibility, strict discipline and notable moral spirit.

2. Sungshin Vina’s customers.

KeangnamFor high-profile projects, skyscrapers, requirements for ready-mixed concrete in terms of slump or slump flow are strictly demanding. These requirements are the biggest challenges to ready-mixed concrete suppliers, yet, at the same time, they are the competitive advantages of suppliers with advance technology, modern batch plant system like Sungshin Vina. Sungshin Vina ready-mixed concrete with standard slump and flow can definitely satisfy the strictest designated requirements, especially requirements for ready-mixed concrete with slump flow.

Verifying the quality of Sungshin Vina’s ready–mixed concrete and its position in the market are famous projects that Sungshin Vina has been providing ready-mixed concrete as the exclusive supplier such as: Hà Nội Keangnam Landmark (72 floor building and two 48 storey buildings), Lotte (65 floors), Golden palace…and many other well-known construction projects.

Sungshin Vina ready-mixed concrete is always perfect choice for contractors not only because of the guaranteed quality but also because of the high co-operative spirit of Sungshin Vina to all costumers: we can also provide technical consultancy to help constructors with best construction solution.

With reputation built via high-profile projects, Sungshin Vina is now also gaining trust from smaller size projects.

Household building is among the small size projects. Currently, Sungshin Vina has been providing ready-mixed concretes for household buildings in the many districts: Lại Yên, Hà Đông, Thạch Thất, Đông Anh, Cầu Giấy …

Apart from above mentioned costumers, Sungshin Vina ready-mixed concrete can be provided for all other kinds of construction projects such as: bridge, road, hospital, school ….