Instruction on declaring negative matters

Case to declare: there are individuals, behaviors that are harming the proper benefits of company (such as: bribery, abuse of power, immoral behaviors against standard of a decent employee…)

Method of declaring: Via company website anonymously or with identification. Company will investigate the accuracy of your declaration and have proper corresponding actions. Accurate and informative declarations will be praised in suitable way. At the same time, inaccurate declaration will be punished for slandering.

Matters in the declarations will be invested in the quickest time and might be sent to the declarers who declare with identification and agree to receive feedbacks.

Confidentiality policy: All the information relating to declarers and declaration will be kept in secret. No negative changes in treatment or work scope will happen to the declarers for their accurate announcements. This policy applies to all other employees who cooperate to examine the declarations.

Thank you very much for actively contribute to the development of our company!